'Please God Give Me A Sign'


West Sussex, United Kingdom

Book 6, 2017

Facts cease to be facts when they are written down.

When something is written, one is able to read it out of context. It is, therefore, our duty as writers to explain ourselves to our fullest, and our job as readers to question everything we read.


There are a limited number of these prints available.

Superior Giclée print, measures 250mm x 250mm, printed on high-quality German etching paper. 

This print is limited to 10 and is available exclusively through and This drawing comes from book number 6. A book is completed every 35 days. Book 1 was started mid-December 2016.

Prints usually ship in 2-3 days

Orders placed before Dec 15 will arrive in time for Christmas.


Framing is available upon request, shipping time will increase

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